Her mother told the Mirror, ‘I am so proud of her as she is being allowed to show the real Vicky,’
‘My girl is so witty and down to earth and the comments I’ve seen from everyone watching is that they love that side of her.’
Her mother also told the press that it means so much for her to have support from fellow Geordies.

6. She’s not afraid to look daft

Dressing up as a flying squirrel might not appeal to many other celebrities, but for Vicky it was the chance to have a bit of fun. She has already said that she is having the time of her life in the jungle and she is keen to embrace every opportunity given to her – even if it means looking a bit daft!

7. It’s time for there to be a Queen of the jungle

The last time there was a Queen of the jungle was back in 2012, when Charlie Brooks was the last to leave.
Surely it’s time for there to be a new Queen of the jungle – and Vicky would be perfect to wear the crown.

8. She has massively changed public perception of her

Her mum said she is so glad that Vicky can show her real side in the jungle to thousands of people across the UK. Geordie Shore is a controversial show, and whilst it is there that she became well-known, she will be a whole lot prouder of the way she has come across in this year’s edition of ‘I’m a Celeb’.
Twitter and Facebook are full of comments about how their opinion of Vicky has changed so much since she entered the camp.

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