9 reasons to love summer in Newcastle

Newcastle has enjoyed some great weather over the past few days – hopefully it is the sign of things to come. There’s nothing better than a long, hot summer but the unreliable UK weather often disappoints.

However, this summer is set to break records, although the Met Office seems to say that every year. Let’s just hope they are right this time.

We look at 9 reasons to love summer in Newcastle

1. NE1 Monument Movies

Monument Movies
Sit back and enjoy a movie for free in the centre of Newcastle

A fantastic free event set up by Newcastle NE1 where people can enjoy an al-fresco cinema experience right next to Grey’s Monument.

In previous years they attracted film lovers of all ages with movies like ‘Frozen’, ‘Grease’ and ‘One Direction’.

We wonder what they have in store this year?

2. Drinks on Osborne Road

Spy Bar on Osborne Road
Spy Bar on Osborne Road

It seems like many Geordies magically get a day off from work when it’s a scorching hot day. And where do they go to enjoy the weather and some drinks in the sun? One of the many bars on Osborne Road in Jesmond.
You will see the packed beer gardens in front of the bars throughout summer, full of people enjoying a drink in the sun and a catch up with friends.

The choice of bar depends largely on the position of the sun, with many people changing bars to ensure they can enjoy every last moment of the good weather.

3. Enjoying the sun at Jesmond Dene

A family enjoying the sunshine at Jesmond Dene
A family enjoying the sunshine at Jesmond Dene

Newcastle is blessed with many public parks and open areas to enjoy the sunshine, so this entry on our list does not only apply to Jesmond Dene.

Whether you want to enjoy a picnic, a kick about, a spot of sunbathing or you just want to sit about and chat with your friends – summer days spent in places like Jesmond Dene are simple but always memorable.

Enjoy them while you can as you know what weather in the UK can be like!

4. Trips to the coast

Robinson Crusoe's beachside cafe/restaurant in Tynemouth
Robinson Crusoe’s beach side cafe/restaurant in Tynemouth

Tyneside is home to some great beaches and some wonderful coastal towns so it is no wonder thousands of people flock to the seaside during the hot summer months.

Longsands beach in Tynemouth is a particular favourite and it was once voted the UK’s fourth favourite beach in 2013 by TripAdvisor users in the Travellers’ Choice Beaches Awards.

The beach is only a 10minute walk from both Cullercoats and Tynemouth Metro Station which is perfect for those who want to ditch the car and enjoy a drink in one of the many great pubs nearby after the sun goes down.

If you are looking to go a bit further out of town, a trip to Bamburgh is always worth considering together with a stop off in Seahouses for some fish and chips.

5. Quayside seaside
Quayside Seaside

Each year since 2011, Newcastle NE1 has brought the beach to the Quayside.
The ‘Quayside Seaside’ is located adjacent to Pitcher and Piano and contains around 100 deckchairs together with a volleyball court and buckets and spades for children to play with.

All of this on a large bed of golden beach sand surrounded by palm trees makes you feel as though you are beside a Spanish Costa rather than the river Tyne.

A great, free day out for both children and adults in the heart of Newcastle.

6. Bank Holiday weekends

Keep calm - no more work until Tuesday
Keep calm – no more work until Tuesday

We feel a general entry on Bank Holidays needs to be included in this list of 10 reasons to love summer in Newcastle.

Unless you are still studying, many of you will still have to work throughout most the summer (perhaps with the odd ‘sick day’ when the warm weather is too tempting to resist not going to work).

That is why Bank Holidays are often the most eagerly anticipated days of anyone’s summer.

These extra days off means an extra opportunity to go on the drink for many people and Sunday is often the number one choice for a day/night out  – safe in the knowledge that they have Monday to recover before heading back to work on Tuesday.

However, many people enjoy going out on the actual Bank Holiday Monday – which defeats the whole point, if you ask us – but each to their own!
Bank Holiday Sundays down on Osborne Road, the Quayside and Ouseburn are popular choices and many people head to the coast for drinks on the Monday.

7. Walks along the Quayside

Enjoy a walk down the Quayside followed by some drinks in the sun
Enjoy a walk down the Quayside followed by some drinks in the sun

For us, the Newcastle Quayside is one of the nicest places spend a hot summer’s day. There is something so good about being close to the water and away from the busiest traffic spots in town, whilst enjoying the views of the many famous bridges crossing the river Tyne.

Enjoy a refreshing ice cream and a stroll along the riverside followed by a bite to eat in one of the many great cafes and restaurants in the area or a drink in a beer garden – sounds like the perfect way to spend a hot summer’s day.

8. Days out at Newcastle racecourse

Ladies Day at Newcastle Racecourse
Ladies Day at Newcastle Racecourse

Whether you like horse racing or not you are sure to enjoy a day out at the races in Newcastle over summer. The main summer events are more of a social gathering for many, with the odd bet being placed to add to the fun.
The Northumberland Plate Festival and Ladies Day  are the most popular racedays of the flat season.

Both events are a great excuse to dress up smart and enjoy drinks in the sun.

Head over to www.newcastle-racecourse.co.uk for more information and to buy tickets.

9. Enjoying a drink in the sun on Grey Street

Watch the world go by as you enjoy a drink outside one of Grey Street's many bars/cafes
Watch the world go by as you enjoy a drink outside one of Grey Street’s many bars/cafes

Grey Street was voted the best street in the UK in 2010 by BBC Radio4 listeners; and it’s easy to see why. Adorned with beautiful Georgian architecture, this area of town retains the best of what Newcastle has to offer in an ever-changing city.

A great place to spend an afternoon as the street is lined with fantastic bars and cafes with outside seating so you can enjoy the sunshine and watch the world go by with a coffee, beer or whatever takes your fancy.
Sir John Betjeman once said:

As for the curve of Grey Street, I shall never forget seeing it to perfection, traffic-less on a misty Sunday morning. Not even Regent Street, even old Regent Street London, can compare with that descending subtle curve.

He is right – no street compares to our beloved Grey Street.

Leave a comment below if we have left out anything you love about summer in Newcastle.

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