90% of NUFC fans will cancel season ticket if John Carver is appointed permanent manager

The Premier League season is drawing to an end and for most Newcastle fans it could not come quick enough – providing the team manages to escape relegation.
A few weeks ago it would have seemed very, very unlikely that Newcastle United would be dragged into a relegation fight. Yes, they have been poor for a long time now but it was widely believed that enough points were already accrued to secure their Premier League status.
NUFC dispair
That was before the team went on a record 7 game losing streak. Their last win was a 1-0 victory at home to Aston Villa on 28th February. Since then they have recorded losses against 7 league rivals including Sunderlandscoring only 4 times in the process.
They have faced some tough opposition including, away games against Arsenal and Everton as well as home ties against Spurs and Arsenal – but to not register a single point in two months is diabolical.
John Carver
Optimists may look at the final 4 fixtures of the season and see some opportunities to secure Premier League survival before the last day of the season, but judging by our recent form, we could quite easily end the season with the same number of points we currently have, 35.

It might be enough, it might not be. Our next opponent is Leicester City who are enjoying a winning streak of 4 games which has allowed them to escape the relegation zone.
John Carver has shouldered much of the blame for the recent poor showings on the pitch, although it is widely believed that the true problems lie behind the scenes with the owner, Mike Ashley.
In a recent poll hosted on the Chronicle website, fans were asked two questions…
John Carver poll 1
John Carver poll 2
Although it is easy to click ‘yes’ when asked whether you would cancel your season ticket if John Carver was appointed as permanent manager, we doubt very much that 90% of people would actually do this.
However, it does say a lot about the way people feel about the current ‘boss’. It would be ludicrous for the NUFC board to even consider appointing him on a full time basis and Carver should realistically not even put himself forward for the position after the disastrous run of the form the team has displayed since he took over.

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