A Day in the Life of Gaz from Geordie Shore

MTV’s smash-hit reality show, Geordie Shore, is hugely popular in various countries across the world. In the relatively short time it has been on air, it has grown to become the biggest success of its kind for the company and has drastically changed the lives of the cast members.
It follows the hedonistic lives of the cast as they party and hang out in various spots around Newcastle and further afield – but what do the stars of the show get up to when they are not filming?
Gaz, one of the members of the house who has been there since the first episode, has recently created his own YouTube channel – to allow people to see what goes on in his life when he is not making new episodes of Geordie Shore.
Project Gaz‘ shows how hectic his life has become since Geordie Shore became a hit TV show. The first episode, which you can see below, is filmed in Zante – at Gaz’s own nightclub.
He is joined by Example and Dapper Laughs and hundreds of party-goers who all seem to be loving his club.
Gaz describes his life away from the Geordie Shore house as being very busy – flying from country to country every week to make guest appearences at various venues across Europe and further afield.

It is not until the 2nd episode of ‘Project Gaz‘ that you see how much he has on – but he says it is the best job in the world.
Check it out below and stay tuned for future episodes…


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