Being on Geordie Shore Must Be a Nice Little Earner

Whilst many people in the North East may dislike it, citing that it is bad for the reputation of Newcastle, there is no doubt that it has been a commercial success. In fact it is regarded as the most popular show ever produced by MTV UK.
It was rumoured that in the first series, none of the cast were paid a salary – but these days they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves.

How much do the Cast of Geordie Shore Get Paid?

Of course, we are unaware of the exact deals they have for being part of the show but if their cars are anything to go by, they must be raking in a fair bit of cash. All of the cast members have additional income streams including endorsements of fitness DVDs, book deals and their own health supplement brands.
You may remember our previous article about the range of Geordie Shore weight-loss products and whether or not they achieved good results or if they were just a case of good marketing.
They also regularly make public appearances in the UK and further afield in places such as Australia and Italy.
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Gaz recently posted this tweet before he entered the Geordie Shore House to film the latest series…

In the picture attached to his tweet you can see both his car and Aaron’s, his fellow housemate…
Gaz Geordie Shore car
A green BMW M6 and a Bentley Continenal GT.
The Bentley cost around £120,000 and belongs to Gaz, who once told The Daily Star,

I can easily make £40-£45k a month. If you told me four years ago I’d be earning this kind of money, I’d have laughed,” Gaz previously told Heat.

He has also apparently launched his own clothing range and is the owner of a beach resort in Zante.
Last year we wrote about him purchasing a Ferrari 458 as a replacement for his previous car, a Ferrari California.
Geordie Shore Weight Loss Products – are they all they’re cracked up to be?

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