Bouncers wind up Newcastle fan about Sunderland

Newcastle and Sunderland fans are known throughout the world as having a fierce rivalry. The Tyne/Wear derby games are always the first that fans of both clubs look for every year when the fixture list is announced. Newcastle fans will want to forget recent derby fixtures but that does not stop them looking forward to the next encounter with their local rivals.
The video below shows some bouncers in Newcastle winding up a Toon fan in the city centre, by mentioning Sunderland and trying to convince the passer-by that they ‘are mint’.
Of course, no Newcastle supporter is going to agree with such a statement but the bouncers keep persisting with their claims, much to the annoyance of the Toon fan.
We suspect the doormen were probably Newcastle fans but just saw an opportunity to make a funny video – and they were right!
Our favourite part is when they mention the ‘Black Cats’ (the nickname for Sunderland Football Club), to which the old man replies ‘Cats? I hate f***ing cats!’
As you can imagine this video contains a lot of swearing, so do not view it if you are offended by foul language.

You have been warned!

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