Britain Laughs at Sunderland Fan's Cringe-worthy video

A video by a Sunderland fan praising the appointment of Sam Allardyce as new manager of the Black Cats has gone viral.
The cringe-worthy video by Stewart ‘Mackem’ West was originally posted on the Facebook page ‘Mackems v Geordies‘ but quickly caught the attention of the Sun newspaper, who shared it on their own football related page, ‘The Sun Football‘.
The Sunderland fan has created possibly the worst ever football song and has embarrassed his own fans according to The Sun –  so there’s little chance of it being echoed around the Stadium of Light, even at the upcoming Wear/Tyne derby.
Here is a direct link to the full video that was posted on the ‘Mackems v Geordies’ Facebook page, although it will be a struggle to watch it all the way through. Below we will post some reactions to the video from football fans all across Britain…
[fbvideo link=”” width=”620″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]
Terrible, isn’t it?

Here is what other people make of it…


So if that’s what his fellow Sunderland fans think of it, you can imagine what everyone else thinks…
Reactions to Sunderland song
UPDATE: Check out his response the criticism he received here…
Found that amusing?
Check out the time a Mackem tried to troll Shearer on Twitter but failed miserably!

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