Buzzcocks Coronavirus ‘Lesson in Life’

Buzzcocks coronavirus

The whole of the world has been impacted by the spread of the coronavirus and governments have been acting to impose new rules and offer suggested guidelines in an attempt to halt the progression of the disease.

In the UK; bars, pubs, restaurants, gyms and many other types of businesses have been ordered to close their doors. Schools have also closed down. Any businesses which have been allowed to stay open have been told to make their employees work from home where possible. This means that many spare bedrooms and dining rooms have been turned into makeshift home offices, with desk chairs and whiteboards like this one from Writey popping up in homes across the UK.

People have been panic buying food, medicine and toilet paper – leaving supermarket shelves empty for other customers.

In short, the past couple of weeks have been very chaotic and it looks like there will be several more months of disruptions ahead.

But the aim is to reduce the spread of the disease and protect the NHS so that it can continue to provide essential care for those who need it. Sacrifices will need to be made by everyone and for the most part, people are more than willing to adhere to the advice provided by the medical professionals when it comes to social distancing and other measures to help reduce the spread.

To lighten the mood a bit, the North East’s number one gangster, Stephen Buzzcocks, has returned to YouTube to offer some advice of his own during these uncertain times.

Check the video out below to see his thoughts on toiler paper hoarding and looking after the elderly, among other things. But be warned that it contains a lot of swearing.

For official guidance regarding the coronavirus from the NHS, click the following link:

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