Newcastle, like any good city, has a vast array of independent businesses operating alongside numerous big chains and well known national and international brands. It’s always great to see a new independent business open their doors to the people of Newcastle, especially when they are committed to supporting other local companies within the area.

This is certainly true of Camber Coffee.
Situated in the heart of Newcastle City Centre and operating from the first floor of Start Fitness is this exciting new coffee shop, which opened at the beginning of July 2017. This latest venture by the North-East sports retailing company got its name from the noticeable camber of the road, on the corner where Grainger Street and Market Street meet.

Their commitment to sourcing and using local ingredients is evident throughout Camber Coffee’s drink menu, with coffee from Holy Island’s Pilgrim Coffee House, tea from Benton-based Love Leaf Tea and milk from Acorn Diary, an organic diary farm based just outside of Darlington. They also use Newcastle-based FAB Bakery to supply their bread, teacakes and cookies.

Their food menu is as healthy as you would imagine, being a coffee shop with such close links to Start Fitness. You will find an amazing variety of plant-based items on their food menu, meaning that everything on offer is healthy, even their delicious cakes.

Raw peanut butter, coconut and oreo tarts

The quirky but very comfortable interior makes for a great place to relax for a drink and a bite to eat. All the seating, enough for around 50 diners, has been up-cycled, including old double decker bus seats. This unique coffee shop also includes seats crafted by a Northumberland-based joiner.

So there you have it. A fantastic, independent coffeeshop which should be definitely on your list of places to pop into next time you are in town.

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