Charlotte Crosby's Accent Challenge

Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby recently created her own YouTube channel which she claims will contain all the stuff that ‘they don’t dare show on television’.
Anyway, it’s only be up for a couple of weeks but one of her most recent videos is called ‘The Accent Challenge’.
In this video, Charlotte attempts to do impressions of various different accents, including Welsh, Scottish, Irish, American, Jamaican, French and Australian.
She introduces the video, which was shot in front of the Angel of the North, by stating that her own accent is ‘Geordie slash Mackem-ish’. This might annoy some Geordies who will say she is 100% from Sunderland and therefore has a Sunderland accent.
Her expression when she mentions this at the beginning suggests that she also knows her accent isn’t really 100% Geordie – but we guess it would confuse some viewers from around the world if a member of Geordie Shore didn’t mention the Geordie accent.

Take a look below at her attempting various accents…

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