Local comedian Robin Armstrong proves critics wrong in the boxing ring

You’ll have probably seen some of his videos shared on Facebook. Robin Armstrong is a North East comedian with a following of over 180,000 on the world’s most popular social network.
Why so many followers? Because of videos like this one, where he rips into Josie Cunningham (the woman who first caught the attention of the UK public with her ability to get fake tits on the NHS)…
This video is the final part of his ‘NHS Boob Slut’ trilogy – the other two are well worth a watch as well.
On Saturday he took to the boxing ring to take part in his first ever fight in a bid to prove haters and critics wrong – and he certainly did that, achieving an impressive draw against an opponent who had over 50 previous fights under his belt
Originally Robin took up the challenge as a means to improve fitness after being offered a free training session from boxer and promoter, Jak Johnson, whose family own and run a boxing gym in Benwell. The offer was made after Robin agreed to promote an upcoming boxing show on his Facebook profile, not knowing at the time that he would end up competing himself.
“The problem with having so many followers though is not everyone is positive and I do have to deal with a lot of negativity. I started posting videos of me on the pads and people were commenting and saying I was doing this wrong and that wrong. I’ve been posting videos as I progress and improve but I still get the haters. The haters though, they just drive me. It makes me want to prove them wrong.”
This encouraged him to sign up to his first fight, despite having no previous boxing experience whatsoever and less than five weeks to prepare. Many of his fans bought tickets to see him fight, along with some of his critics.
“I’ve been selling loads of tickets, but I know some will be coming to see me get knocked out. That makes me even more determined”, stated Robin in the lead up to the fight.
Prior to the fight, Robin told the Chronicle, “It does make me nervous, but it drives me. I can’t be embarrassed like that. I have to win this to prove I am not a joke. I’m really conscious of my body and my weight anyway, so just getting in the ring without a top on will be hard enough for me. I know that sounds daft, me saying I have confidence issues, but I do. It wont stop me though, I need to prove the haters wrong!”

Robin Armstrong after his well earned draw
Robin Armstrong after his well earned draw

Despite the huge gap in experience between Robin and his opponent, the comedian managed to earn a well deserved draw after the judge’s decision was split.
“I didn’t win, but I didn’t lose either and I hope I proved something by getting in their with such an experienced guy.”
The comedian has indicated that he would like to do it again in the future, stating that he took this fight too soon. But to achieve a draw against such an experienced opponent suggests that an out and out win could be on the cards next time he enters the ring.
In the meantime, there are plenty of funny videos for you to check out if you enjoyed the one posted above. Check out his Facebook page here and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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