Complaints from customers to the Greggs Facebook page

Monitoring the Facebook page of a large company must be difficult at times especially when it has a huge fan-base. Dealing with customer complaints all day must be tiring, especially when you know your response will be public.
Gone are the days when people would write a letter or make a call to leave feedback – now social media is the number one tool for customers to connect with brands and the public nature of Facebook/Twitter etc means that companies need to be very careful when dealing with any interaction they receive.
Chicken bakes, sausage rolls and pasties at Greggs
The Facebook page for Greggs has well over 700,000 fans – so you can imagine they get quite a lot of messages and comments each day.
Some of the complaints seem reasonable, although we think some people are being overly fussy at times! But, you know what they say – the customer’s always right!

Below are some examples of the complaints received by Greggs recently…
Greggs 3
A plaster in your pasty is certainly something you would hope to avoid but we think the next complainer is a bit overly dramatic by saying her porridge pot ruined her day…
Greggs 5
Burnt pizza seems to be a common complaint…
and this customer feels Greggs should be more patriotic…
Greggs 6
Even the sign-age can’t get a break…
They better bring back their ‘pink jammie’ recipe if they want Richard to return…
Greggs 2
It seems the spelling ability of those who work at Greggs is also a concern (to Carl anyway)…
_1__Greggs 2
Although many of the customers complaining could also do with a dictionary…
However, if there are any ‘professional porridge mentors’ reading this, you may be in demand from Greggs soon…
Greggs 7

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