David Cameron pledges to close the North-South divide

With less than a week to go until polling day in the 2015 General Election, party leaders are running out of time to influence voters who are still undecided.

Not long until people take to the polls...
Not long until people take to the polls…

David Cameron is keen to spread the message that the Conservatives will help to close the North-South divide, but faces many difficulties in persuading voters in a region where the majority have traditionally sided with the Labour Party.

He has revealed a 4 point plan to help secure support from the North marginals, which includes major investment in infrastructure and to give more power to authorities in the North.

My message to everyone in the north is simple: the Conservative Party is the party for you.
Forget about Labour, they’ve let you down before and they’ll let you down again. This time next week, Ed Miliband could be propped up the SNP, funnelling cash north of the border. The only way to stop it, the only way to secure the future of the north, is by voting Conservative.
We have the ideas, the passion, the desire and yes the track record to create something special here. What I’m pledging to here is nothing less than the most important commitment to the north for decades: we’re going to close the north-south growth gap.
We’re going to build a Northern Powerhouse, with more jobs and new investment coming to the north.
The next five years will see a northern surge – and, economically, it will be the most exciting time to be here since the industrial revolution.
But it all depends on having a Conservative government. If the Scottish Nationalists are in charge, propping up a weak Ed Miliband, the north won’t get a look in. Transport projects in the north will get cancelled. Investment in science and industry in the north won’t happen.

His proposed investment in infrastructure includes plans to upgrade the A66 and A69 as well as widen the A19.
He has also pledged to invest £2.7bn in new trains for the East Coast line together with plans to significantly increase in the number of apprenticeships in the North.

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