Disney Magic in Newcastle

The Disney Magic Cruise Ship is set to make an appearance in Newcastle during the summer of 2016 as part of its UK tour.

The Disney Magic cruise ship

This huge ocean liner has 11 public decks and can accommodate up to 2,700 people across 875 state rooms – offering the perfect Disney experience to fans all over the world.
On board Disney Magic
On board Disney Magic

Guests and their families can explore a floating Disney world, enjoying a range of activities including award-winning Broadway-style shows featuring Disney characters as well as deck parties and re-runs of classic films in their on board theatres.

The rooms on Disney Magic are beautifully appointed and there are several dining options available to cater for families on board. There are two seating times offered on board the Disney Magic – early and late.

Click here for some Geordie Disney Magic! Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ the Geordie version…

Early caters more toward young families, while the later tends to be for older children and primarily adult families

Shows featuring popular Disney characters
Shows featuring popular Disney characters

It appears that Disney Magic truly offers something for Disney fans of all ages, with several night clubs and lounges on board as well as luxury spas, work out rooms and opportunities to play sports such as basketball, ping pong and football on deck 10.
Newcastle is one of only two destinations that Disney Magic is scheduled to visit, with the other being Liverpool. It will also make an appearance in Dublin, Glasgow, Invergordon and Kirkwal before returning to Dover to finish the UK tour.
Rooms on board Disney Magic
Rooms on board Disney Magic

Bookings can now be made for the Disney Magic UK tour which starts and ends in Dover in the summer of 2016 – visit www.disneycruise.com for more details.
The boat will arrive at the port of Tyne on June 7th 2016.
Click here for some Geordie Disney Magic! Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ the Geordie version…

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