The Easiest Ways to Enjoy Christmas in Newcastle


054753:Northumberland Street Newcastle u” (Public Domain) by Newcastle Libraries

Newcastle is a beautiful city, especially at Christmas time. The lights down Northumberland Street are always astonishing and the food festival market a big hit. Perhaps best of all, we have Fenwick’s Christmas window display, something families from Newcastle, Durham and beyond travel to see each and every year. This year hasn’t disappointed either, with a snowman display that is pure nectar, as the cool people say (we think).
There’s no denying the festive atmosphere in Newcastle is magical and joyous, but let’s get real: it’s also a bit hectic. There are people shopping frantically for Christmas gifts, all the restaurants are fully-booked, casinos are packed and Christ be with you if you even think about heading out to the Metro Centre between now and March.
So, how can you enjoy Christmas this year without getting lost in the crowds, queueing or simply giving up and eating Greggs on a bench while you cry? It’s simple: stay at home. Here’s our guide to having the easiest Christmas in Newcastle ever.

Get The Gifts Out Of The Way

Gift Box” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by tomi.dinevski

To have a truly easy Christmas, you must first buy all the gifts you need for your friends and family. Without doing that, you’re going to develop a serious reputation around the Christmas dinner table. Before you rush out in a panic though, remember that everything you could ever possibly get for your loved ones is available online. For the fancy folk in your life, try designer outlets like Fashionette, Brand Alley or Secret Sales. Others will probably love anything you get from Not On The High Street or I Want One Of Those, as they have absolutely massive Christmas categories running right now. As for the gifts you’ve already got in mind, just visit the online counterparts to popular high street stores to get your hands on them.

Comfy Festive Fun

Sure, there’s plenty of stuff happening in the city centre this holiday season but it’s nothing you can’t experience from the comfort of your sofa. Fancy seeing a movie? Well Amazon, Netflix, Now TV and dozens of other streaming services have got any movie you could ever possibly want to see. As for casino games, you can play poker, slots and more simply by visiting online casinos. Great welcome packages often seal the stay-at-home deal, though the fact you can play blackjack in your pyjamas is draw enough in itself. You don’t even have to miss out on dancing the night away to Christmas songs if you really don’t want to: just boot up Spotify and get your party on. Although, maybe make sure your curtains are shut before fully committing to this.

Eat, Eat, Eat!

With the introduction of companies like Deliveroo and Just Eat, we don’t understand why anyone even goes out for dinner anymore. Depending on where you live you could be eating Byron, Pizza Express, Kick Ass Burrito or Kracklin’ within the hour. And hey, don’t feel bad if you’re mostly leaning towards fast food – the Japanese are well-known for going to KFC for Christmas dinner, so why shouldn’t you?
Is there anything you can’t do on the internet these days? We don’t think so! So, instead of going out and getting flustered, stay in and have a truly magically winter evening.

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