Fans react to first glimpse of new NUFC home kit

With less than a week left until the fate of Newcastle United is decided, the club released a ‘teasing’ video to give fans a first glimpse of the new home kit. Whether or not it will feature in the Premier League or the Championship is unknown, but what is certain is that the video didn’t go down too well with fans on Twitter and YouTube.
Here is the video…

As you can see, the 23 second clip does not give much away. Seems like a bit of a pointless exercise by the NUFC marketing department, especially considering the current mood amongst fans on Tyneside. Do they really expect fans to rejoice over a measly bit of video footage showing the Newcastle badge on a pair of black shorts?

Here are some of the comments that were left after the video was posted online earlier today…
Newcastle_United_FC_on_Twitter___New_2015_16__pumafootball_home_kit____coming_soon___NUFC_https___t_co_nT8Y8alTtC_ 2
Newcastle_United_FC_on_Twitter___New_2015_16__pumafootball_home_kit____coming_soon___NUFC_https___t_co_nT8Y8alTtC_Newcastle_United_FC_on_Twitter___New_2015_16__pumafootball_home_kit____coming_soon___NUFC_https___t_co_nT8Y8alTtC_ 3
It must be a difficult task running Newcastle United’s social media profiles at the moment with all that is going on at the club, but posting this video was just asking for negative comments from fans. It appears that most seem have already accepted that relegation is imminent. However, one fan was quick to post a leak of the full strip for the 2015/16 season
The way things have been going recently, we wouldn’t be surprised if Sports Direct did completely take over the kit.

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