Gaz from Geordie Shore spotted in new supercar

Series 9 of Geordie Shore premiered last night night and it looks as though Gaz has decided to treat himself to yet another new car to celebrate.

Gaz Beadle's previous car, a Ferrari California
Gaz Beadle’s previous car, a Ferrari California

You would think his previous car, a Ferrari California (pictured above),which retails at around £155,000, would be good enough but he has gone one better this time.
A new Ferrari bearing his registration was spotted in town today – suggesting that he is still making a comfortable living from appearances on MTV’s Geordie Shore and his other ventures.
Gaz's new motor - Ferrari 458 spotted in town earlier
Gaz’s new motor – Ferrari 458 spotted in town earlier

His new set of wheels, the Ferrari 458, retails at around £180,000 and is one hell of a car – although so was his previous one.
Gaz has a few side ventures to add to his income from the reality TV show and as of yet has not needed to appear on other shows (like Celebrity Big Brother) in order to stay in the public eye.
The show may have its critics but he seems to be doing alright off it – and who can blame him for wanting a car like this? Not bad for someone in their twenties. Bet his car insurance isn’t cheap though!

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