Gazza's response to Wilshere chant

Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere caused a stir in the press following his team’s FA Cup victory on Sunday. The midfielder took to the microphone during Arsenal’s FA Cup victory parade to lead an anti-Tottenham chant

Wilshere is a life long supporter of Arsenal and is obviously proud of his club’s recent success in the FA Cup over the past couple of years; local rivals Tottenham last won the cup in 1991. The England midfielder took to Twitter to apologise following his celebrations…

The 23-year old has been compared to former England star and Newcastle midfielder Paul Gascoigne, who used to play for Spurs between 1988 and 1991. Comparisons have been made about Wilshere’s footballing talent but also with his controversial behaviour off the pitch – something Gazza became famous for throughout his career.

Wilshere has featured in the papers on numerous occasions for reasons not related to football and has been criticised by many, including his club manager Arsene Wenger, for his lack of professionalism.
Gazza responded to the recent criticism following Wilshere’s  anti-Spurs chant shown in the video above…

I don’t understand Spurs fan’s fuss over Wilshere’s comments. He Loves Arsenal, so is bound to hate Spurs. Spurs fans should be more worried about being embarrassed by Arsenal every season As for Jack having a few beers, good luck to hi! It never did me any harm during my career. I was actually drunk when I signed for Spurs!

It seems Gazza has some sympathy for Wilshere and can see comparisons between the Arsenal midfielder and himself – although we think Jack has a long way to go before he becomes even half the player that Paul Gascoigne was.
A movie about Gazza and his football career is due to be shown in UK cinemas for one day only on 8th June. The film, called Gascoigne, will be released on DVD the following week.
Check out our article about the film here:

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