The Geordie Jackpot: Benefitting Newcastle City Centre & Supporting Good Causes

Newcastle Tyne Bridge glow

Back in 2017, business improvement company NE1 Ltd launched the Geordie Jackpot, an online lottery giving local people a chance to win £25,000 while also funding good causes and projects within Newcastle. The city, which hosted the Great Exhibition of the North in 2018, has established itself as a centre of innovation, art and culture thanks to such projects.

Two years later, we take a look at the Geordie Jackpot lottery, what projects it has funded and which causes it has helped.

How does it work?

The lottery is held once a week and costs just £1, with half (50p) going towards related causes. Like in most lotteries, players can buy as many tickets as they like and can either choose their numbers or opt for a lucky dip in which numbers are selected randomly. Players must be 16 years old or over to purchase a ticket.

How much is the Geordie Jackpot?

There is a guaranteed jackpot of £1,000 each week, with £25,000 also available to any players who match all six numbers in the correct order. There are further cash prizes of up to £2,500 available along with bonus prizes including experiences related to the local events and activities.

The jackpot prize is fixed in contrast to some other jackpots such as slot machines, where prizes can vary greatly. As casino fans know well, jackpot slots are variable depending on how much money has been played, with some games paying out smaller amounts more often and others paying out large sums but less frequently.

As a result, online slot machine jackpots can payout sums from as little as a few hundred pounds to as high as millions.

Where does the money go?

The first city project to be funded by the Geordie Jackpot was Grey Street Gathering, a pocket park set up in the city to host activities such as yoga and tai chi sessions throughout the summer of 2018. The park is fully removable and recyclable so it can be reinstalled every year.

Meanwhile, the first charitable cause to benefit from the lottery was the Barnardo’s children’s charity, which received a grant in early 2018. Since then, Eldon Leisure has received money to buy equipment for children with special needs and autism, and Walkergate Community School has received a grant to buy a Smoothie Bike to help young people develop leadership and teamwork skills.

In total, five grants have been awarded so far through the Cash for Kids scheme which the lottery supports.

Newcastle Upon Tyne Dean Street

Future plans

The NE1 project is aiming to transform Newcastle upon Tyne into one of the most dynamic cities in Europe. The company has already won awards for its initiatives and is committed to continually improving the city for residents and visitors, while boosting the local economy.

The Geordie Jackpot is just part of what they do and is focussed on helping disadvantaged children in the region as well as transforming the city centre.

In 2018, Newcastle was named the No. 1 place to visit by the Rough Guide travel company. Despite being previously overlooked for the honour of European Capital of Culture, the city has continued to forge ahead and has become a hub of art, culture and nightlife in the northeast.

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