Geordie Shore ALS ice bucket challenge

Last summer the internet was overrun with videos of people doing ice-bucket challenges (where the subject of the video would pour a bucket of ice after nominating some friends and challenging them to do the same).
The video below shows Scott from MTV’s Geordie Shore doing his ALS ice-bucket challenge – with a slightly different approach…

Jumping into the Tyne after the challenge certainly caught many viewers by surprise. Some interesting nominations afterwards as well.

Although we are unsure if Michelle Keegan, Keith Lemon or Charlotte Crosby accepted Scott’s challenge, we did find another member of Geordie taking part – although Gaz decided to jump into a hot tub after pouring the bucket over his head instead of Newcastle’s famous river…

At first glance, this might seem like a pointless exercise but it all started to help raise awareness of a rare disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Participants were encouraged to donate money to the ALS association after completing the challenge, although many people chose to give money to other worthy causes. By pouring an ice-bucket over your own head and then nominating others to do the same (usually within a time period of 24 hours) it was hoped that the message would spread quicker as well as increase the number of donations made to the charity – and it certainly did. At one point it seemed that the only things popping up in Facebook news-feeds were videos of people completing the challenge and nominating others to do the same.
The power of social media and its ability to quickly spread a message was displayed in a way never seen before. It was all for a great cause, increasing awareness of a relatively unknown disease and also raising a significant amount of money for the ALS association and various other charities. The table below, taken from Wikipedia, shows the additional funding that was received by a number charities as a result of the ALS ice-bucket craze.

OrganizationAdditional funding
ALS Association
Motor Neurone Disease Association
ALS Therapy Development Institute
ALS Foundation Netherlands
Project ALS


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