Geordie's Failed Attempt at Easy Riddle Goes Viral

There’s a lot of rubbish shared on Facebook but occasionally it produces something hilarious.
A video posted by a Geordie of another Geordie attempting an easy riddle is currently going viral and has amassed over 800 shares so far with over 50,000 individual views.
In the video, a guy called George is asked the following question…
‘You’re driving a bus. Four old ladies get on a bus – at the next stop two old ladies get off the bus. What colour are the bus driver’s eyes?’
Seems simple enough, right? Perhaps it is all the additional information given in the scenario that made it difficult.
After several attempts at answering the question correctly fails to figure it out and finally it is revealed to him at the very end.

We think you will enjoy this although it does contain some bad language – you have been warned.
[fbvideo link=”″ width=”620″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

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