Geordie's Swear-filled Reaction to Hail Storm Goes Viral

A man who decided to upload a video of a hailstorm in Gateshead to YouTube received thousands of surprise views – but despite the hailstones being huge, it was his reaction to them that made the video go viral.
The video, which was published during the summer, has the description ‘Please excuse me for the over excitement and language in this video I got a bit carried away with myself and was only wearing my pants haha’.
If you are not a fan of swearing then this might not be the video for you, but the jovial nature of it all is unlikely to offend anyone.
The video gained popularity quickly after it was posted on Reddit and the high viewing numbers certainly surprised the original uploader.
In the comment section under his YouTube video, he wrote this in response to the person who posted it on Reddit…
“Holy sh*t!…… erm thank you I guess. Slightly embarrassing to be honest that 16000 people think I’m some nut job Geordie screaming at hailstone but never mind haha if it makes people smile and brighten there day then awesome lol”

Some of the other comments are certainly worth reading as well and despite all the profanities, most people seem to find it hilarious!


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