Growing up in Newcastle in the 1990s

Growing up in Newcastle in the 1990s was a lot of fun. So many things have changed since then, but it’s nice to look back and remember what it used to be like.
Below is a list of 10 things that will bring back memories if you grew up in Newcastle in the 1990s…

1. Metro Tickets were cheaper (10p for a children’s ticket but the machine would beep incessantly to check that you were eligible for the discount).

Old Metro Ticket

2. You went here to see the latest movies…

Warner Brothers Cinema

or here…


3. You spent many weekends in MetroLand, going on the roller coaster, pirate boat and hanging around the arcade machines.


You all seem to miss MetroLand, judging by the response we get on our Facebook page every time we post an old photo of it!


4. You would eat at Wimpy instead of McDonalds and Burger King


5. You had a Head (or Jaguar) bag for school

Head bag

6. You used to shop here…

Geordie Jeans

7. You thought you were brave if you went on one of these slides at Wet n Wild…

Wet n Wild

8.  You used to play with these at school…


9. You watched this on TV…


10. Your favourite team had players like these…

NUFC 1990s
What else do you remember from growing up in Newcastle in the 1990s?

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