If John Carver managed a convenience store

John Carver has received bad press for the majority of the season and even more so since he took over as head coach. With disastrous performances by NUFC on the pitch coupled with outrageous statements in press conferences and arguments with fans, it’s no surprise he is not the most popular figure on Tyneside at the moment.
Following the 3-0 defeat to Leicester last weekend, even more questions have been asked about his ability to coach Newcastle United and whether or not he is able to secure Premier League football next season. The 8 straight losses under his control have pushed Newcastle from relative mid-table safety to the middle of a relegation scrap.
Newcastle have the worst current form in the league by quite a long shot and it is difficult to see where the next point will come from. However, Mike Ashley is still regarded as the main problem at the club, with Carver being just another one of his ‘puppets’, according to many Newcastle fans.
This funny video, created by Project Babb, shows what it would be like if John Carver was the manager of a convenience store, working for a controlling boss whose sole aim is to increase the awareness of Sports Direct.

Sound familiar?
There is also an appearance by Alan Shearer, although we don’t think they got the accent quite right…

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