Internet Troll Makes Funny Edit to the Wikipedia Page of Papiss Cisse

Wikipedia is an awesome resource for finding out information about virtually anything, and with over 500million unique visitors per month it is one of the most popular websites in the world. The fact the the content can be edited by anybody is undoubtedly the main reason why it accurately covers such a huge range of topics (maintaining all the information on the site would be an impossible task for a single company), but this can also lead to obvious problems – such as the spread of misinformation by accident or on purpose.
People occasionally edit Wikipedia entries for a joke, as was the case yesterday when someone made adjustments to the Wikipedia page of Newcastle United striker Pappis Cisse.
Perhaps it was a Newcastle fan, sick of the amount of times Cisse has been caught off-side in games for the Toon. Or maybe it was just another football fan who noticed his inability to stay onside…
His place of birth was edited to say ‘Offside’ but has since been changed back to his actual place of birth, Dakar in Senegal.

When these comical edits are made, they usually don’t stay around for long but provide amusement for some people for a brief period of time.

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