Killingworth man denied £24,000 win on Grand National

Picking the Grand National winner is like playing the lottery, where luck seems to matter much more than anything else. That’s what Dave Collinson of Killingworth thought, so you could imagine his delight when he realised he had correctly predicted the top three finishers, in the correct order. This type of bet is called a straight tri-cast and it is extremely difficult to predict, even more so in a race like the Grand National. As a result, a bet like this carries tremendously rewarding odds, due to the fact it is so unlikely that someone will predict the top three placed horses in the correct finishing position.
Dave Collinson
Many people place just a small stake, knowing that it it is terribly unlikely to win but if they do, they will win big – very similar to playing the lottery. Mr Collinson placed a bet of only 50p, in the knowledge that if he won he would collect £24,278.28 – a huge amount of money from an insignificant stake.
Many Clouds finished in first place followed by Saint Are in second and Monbeg Dude in third – just as Dave predicted.
The bet was placed with bet365 on their mobile app and winning selections are usually paid out into the customer’s account within an hour of the final result being confirmed.
However, when Dave went to check his account, there was nothing there – no sign of the winnings.
He contacted bet365 to see if there was a problem to which he was told there was a display error and his bet had actually been recorded incorrectly, with Many Clouds in third place and Monbeg Dude in first.
bet365 said that although there was an error on the unsettled bets summary page on its mobile site,  other areas of the website had the details displayed correctly. However, he was still told that the bet was not a winning bet and therefore would not receive any money from it.

Many Clouds followed by Saint Are and Monbeg Dude in the 2015 Grand National
Many Clouds followed by Saint Are and Monbeg Dude in the 2015 Grand National

The 49 year-old, from Killingworth, was offered a cash bonus as a goodwill gesture for the display error, but this was refused as he insisted he made the correct winning bet and was entitled to the full amount of the winnings.
Mr Collinson said,

I put a bet on a tricast, choosing the first three horses home. I randomly picked these horses, ticked the boxes, and put them on for 50p.
Just before the race, I went on my mobile app to see what bets I had so I could watch the race and cheer my horses on.
The race took place and by God did I cheer my horses on. And I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw I had the first three horses in the correct order. It was a complete lottery. In the Grand National, it’s sheer luck to get the first horse, never mind the second and the third.
I was jumping up and down in the living room.
It was estimated I could get a return of around £24,000, although I found out later that the actual payment for that bet would have been around £21,000.
It was all there in black and white – I had selected the horses in the right order.
I then wanted to see if the money had been deposited in my account, which the company usually does within an hour of the race.
I went on the app and saw my screen was still showing the correct order. However I clicked on a site for further bet details and saw the position of the horses were flipped – the first one was now in third place. The details were the other way round. I was stunned.

The same bet displayed in two different ways on bet365
The same bet displayed in two different ways on bet365

After sending a screen shot of the bet from his mobile app to the bet365 customer services department he was told that in the eyes of the company, he had selected Monbeg Dude as the winner and Many Clouds as the third place finisher with only Saint Are being correctly predicted in second place.
This statement was given by the company,

bet365 does not consider it appropriate to make public comments in relation to individual customers. bet365 is aware of Mr Collinson’s allegation and has discussed the matter with him.
bet365 can confirm that there was a display error during the Grand National which was isolated to the Unsettled Bets Summary Page of its mobile site.
The Unsettled Bets Summary Page is one of a number of pages that show the details of a bet after it has been placed. This page does not influence the placement of the bet, it simply displays details of bets already placed.
This display error meant that Tricast selections were not displayed in the order in which they were placed by the customer. All other areas of the site and all areas of bet365’s desktop and tablet sites displayed bet details correctly. This display error did not affect the settlement of bets and all bets on the Grand National were correctly settled in accordance with the bets placed.


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