Let it go Geordie version

Let it gan
The song from the popular Disney movie ‘Frozen’ has been given a Geordie makeover by local lasses ‘May Arcade’.

Check out the lyrics underneath the video as well as links to May Arcade’s YouTube channel, Facebook fan page, Twitter account and more…

It’s gettin canny nippy oot there the neet,
Not a sole to be seen,
Kingdom of the United,
And awa Lizzy is the queen,
Its’ blowin a hooley and the gales are strong ootside,
Ganna stay in the neet,
Scran on speed dial.
Divint let them in,
Divint let them see,
Am proper clamming for a Dicksons savaloy me!,
Make sure it’s dipped,
That’ll dee for me,
For me tea.
Let it gan,
Let it gan,
Cannit hawld me horses anymore,
Giz me scran,
Ha way man,
Aal me mates are at the door,
And I divint care,
What the weather man says,
It can hoy it doon aal it likes,
Cos the cawld never bothered iz anyway!
If Elsa was a geordie,
She’d say “wey aye shepards pie”,
She’d gan “Oi oi Savaloy”, but..
She’s got bigger fish to fry!
It’s boot time y’see,
What a can dee,
Can taalk the back legs off a donkey me!,
Nee reet nee wrong,
In this Geordie song,
So sing along…
Check out more videos by May Arcade on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqa6zdlJuIEIFCwieGPlrIg
Follow May Arcade:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mayarcade
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mayarcade
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mayarcade
Check out their website and blog here: http://www.mayarcade.com/

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