Liam Neeson punched a student in Newcastle when he trained to be a teacher

One of Hollywood’s biggest stars revealed in an interview recently that he punched a student whilst training to become a teacher.
Liam Neeson, star of box office hits such as Taken, Schindler’s List, Star Wars and Batman, was training to become a teacher at the now closed, St Mary’s College in Fenham, during the 1970s.
Whilst being interviewed on ESPN 2’s ‘Highly Questionable‘, Neeson told of his worst day as a teacher. He punched a 15-year old student after he was threatened with a knife in the middle of his teacher training.

He was a big guy too, about 15 years of age.
I had to punch him and then I was reprimanded for hitting the kid.
There were always discipline problems, getting them to settle down before you can start to teach them.
This particular kid did not want to settle down, he wanted to disrupt the whole class.
So I went over to him and asked him to leave the classroom and stand outside.
The next thing he pulled a knife on me.
My reaction was to punch him, which I shouldn’t have done but I felt threatened.

Watch the video below to see Liam Neeson talk about this incident

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