Locals respond to crabs on the Metro video

The video we posted yesterday showing loads of crabs on the Metro went viral very quickly, which is no surprise seeing as how bizarre the footage was. In case you didn’t see it (which is unlikely seeing as it has been viewed over 200,000 times from our Facebook page alone), you can view it by clicking here.
A fan of our Facebook page sent us the video yesterday morning and by the end of the day it had been featured on several news websites throughout the UK (and further afield) including, The Huffington Post, The Independent, The Metro and the ITV News website.
There are two different videos of the incident floating around the internet, but the one we shared seemed to cause the most controversy, mainly due to the way the Metro staff attempted to removed the crabs from the carriage. Many people were disgusted to see the crabs being kicked off the train, although some people didn’t see any problem with it at all.
Amongst the hundreds of comments the video received were some hilarious remarks. Below is a selection of some of them together with some complaints about the behaviour of the Metro staff.
Crabs metro funny comments
However, some people were not amused by the way the crabs were removed from the Metro…
Crabs metro angry comments
There were some who saw no problem with the crabs being booted off the carriage…
Crabs metro comments
Apparently the whole incident occurred because someone was carrying them in a plastic bag when it split, although it seems whoever was responsible didn’t stick around to try and collect them.

Only 4 crabs survived and they have been taken to the Blue Reef aquarium in Tynemouth.

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