Everyone loves a cup of tea, especially here in the UK where we as a nation drink over 165 million cups everyday! A symbol of British culture, the cup of tea is many people’s favourite drink and something they look forward to enjoying on a daily basis. If you, like the majority of Britons, are a fan of tea and you like supporting local businesses, then you should get to know this exciting tea company, based here in Newcastle.
Love Leaf Tea, a locally based online tea company, is popularising the use of loose leaf tea over teabags. Loose leaf tea, far superior taste to tea bags, gives traditional tea a better and more long lasting flavour. Whether for people serious about health and fitness, those suffering from insomnia or migraines, those with digestion problems, or simply those who love a tasty fruit tea, Love Leaf have a wide variety of choice.
Love Leaf Tea
Love Leaf Tea has been in business for 4 years and, to date, sells around 60 different teas (all loose leaf). It also sells tea accessories for those customers who don’t know quite how to deal with the loose leaves! These range from teapots, infusers, oriental tea sets, mugs and much more. Owner Melanie first discovered tea as an alternative to her morning coffee, and soon learned of its many health benefits. Her passion for tea is infectious as she says it tastes great, but also makes you feel great.

A selection of the great products available at Love Leaf Tea
A selection of the great products available at Love Leaf Tea

The choices of tea on offer range from black, white, green, fruit, herbal, rooibos, pu-erh, oolong, flowering and the infamously healthy matcha. What’s more, for those who don’t know what all this means, there is a tea guide on the site detailing explanations of each teas flavours and benefits. The website also offers insights via its blog into more detail about various tea’s health benefits, and it also plays host to monthly competition opportunities. Notably among these, are the blog posts on gynostemma (for body builders and fitness fanatics) which aids muscles and matcha, a super healthy green tea powder which can aid weight loss.
Love Leaf Tea stand at a recent Newcastle Racecourse event
Love Leaf Tea stand at a recent Newcastle Racecourse event

Love Leaf Tea supply numerous coffee shops in and around the Newcastle area, and nationwide. Their unique packaging is instantly recognisable and their popularity at local fairs such as Living North speaks for itself.

To find more information about this great company, follow them on social media:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/loveleaftea

Instagram: @loveleaftea

Twitter: @loveleaftea

Pinterest: Love Leaf Tea

Or visit their website (where you can find further information in their blog, details of competitions and also purchase some of their delicious tea!): www.loveleaftea.com

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