The Luckiest Regions in the UK Have Been Revealed – and Newcastle is Among Them!

In our – albeit biased – opinion, anyone who’s born a Geordie is winning in the luck stakes. There’s so much to love about our home city, from its iconic Tyne Bridge and world-famous Quayside to historic Grey Street, the nearby Blue Flag beaches, and our stunning views across the Pennines.
When it comes to judging places to live there are tons of indices – there’s the cost-of-living index, the world happiness report, school checkers. But one measure that deserves a shot in the limelight is luckiness. It takes very little to convince us that Newcastle numbers among the luckiest cities in the UK for bettors and lottery players. But if you’re now wondering where else makes the cut, here are the country’s top four places to be when you’re hoping for some good fortune to come your way.


Bristol coloured houses
Coloured houses in Bristol

In top spot for the luckiest cities in the UK is everyone’s favourite port, Bristol. Voted the best place to live by The Sunday Times in 2013 and 2017, it is lauded for its creativity, culture, and community spirit. Boasting a very impressive food scene to boot, there are lots of things that make it uniquely great, from its colourful streets to its charming character and famously kind residents. To top it all off, it’s now been voted Britain’s luckiest city too, with 18.18 per cent of winners reported to come from this one small place. If we were ever going to be enticed away from our beloved Newcastle, Bristol might just be the city to do it.


Coming in a close second in the luck stakes is Brighton, with 18.02 per cent of winners. This quaint seaside city certainly does have lots to recommend it, with plenty to do should you ever decide to take a trip there. Located handily close to the capital, its pebbled beaches are what really set it apart, but they’re not all it has to offer. Other iconic attractions include the arcade games, fairground rides, and chippy vans of the Palace Pier, The Lanes – a characterful and cool place brimming with independent cafes, record shops, and book stores – and the magnificent Royal Pavilion.


Trip to Jerusalem pub in Nottingham
Trip to Jerusalem pub in Nottingham

Coming in just one place ahead of us is Nottingham, home to the legend of Robin Hood and host of the fabled Nottingham Castle. Sitting slap-bang in the centre of the Midlands, this cosmopolitan city houses 17.74 per cent of UK winners, which is a pretty impressive statistic. With plenty of historic landmarks to explore, and one of the top universities in the country located here, it definitely is a great place to live.


Coming in fourth, Newcastle scored luckier than average, which is nothing less than we expected. Boasting 17.65 per cent of countrywide winners, the statistics suggest that plenty of Geordies go home with the prize, but we still think the true victory is having the chance to live in such an amazing city. Lively, welcoming, and unlike any other place we’ve visited, we can’t imagine ever wanting to leave it, so knowing that being here ups our odds of winning is just one more reason to stay.
Tell us, if you had to choose only one thing you love about living in Newcastle, which of the many wonderful options would you opt for?

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