Mackem Tries to Troll Shearer, But Fails Miserably

It seems like Alan Shearer get a lot of Tweets from Sunderland fans – and you can probably guess that they are not usually very complimentary.
Jealousy is a terrible thing. It must be hard having Kevin Phillips as your ‘hero’. But I guess Newcastle fans are lucky to have Big Al, the all time Premier League top scorer.
The latest attempt from a Mackem to wind up Shearer backfired massively…
Mackem Shearer Tweet 2
Luke Tweeted the and Newcastle legend to let him know that he had ‘necked on’ with his niece whilst on holiday in Zante – ending the Tweet with the hashtag #FTM – which in Mackem language can be translated to (f*ck the Mags).

There seems to be a problem with Luke’s claim though, which became evident once Shearer replied…
Alan Shearer Tweet reply
Oh well Luke – nice try. There also seems to be another issue with his story. His Tweet prior to the one above claims that it was Shearer’s cousin that he met, not his niece. If you are going to make up a story, at least be consistent…
Mackem Shearer Tweet 1
Shearer has been excellent since he arrived on Twitter, often giving witty responses to any abuse thrown at him. Last week he responded brilliantly to another Sunderland fan, who quickly removed his Tweet. Although it turns out that this was actually a friend of Shearer’s and was just a bit of banter between the two of them.
Check out some other funny responses from Big Al on Twitter.

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