Made in Newcastle is a Twitter account based in the North East of England mainly tweeting old pictures of Newcastle Upon Tyne and its surrounding areas, covering all kinds of local history dating back as far as the early 1800’s through to the 1990’s. Most of the photographs, images and articles they use are shared from different forums and media which include websites like Newcastle Uncovered.
However, they do put their own magic and spin on the articles to create a short captivating tweet, but at the same time making sure that the original blogger is credited. They find adding their own comment or design to a tweet creates greater interest in the subject that is used. Most importantly, their main objective from the site is not just to share an image, however stunning or great it may be, but to start a conversation between their 10,000 followers, by sparking people’s memories of what experiences they had with the image flashback.

Made in Newcastle has found that the most recent 1960’s/70’s and 80’s images spark the most conversations and memories. However, this may be down to the age profile of their followers, in turn there are some fascinating conversations created every time they share any images of Newcastle’s famous Tyne Bridge and its construction back in the 1920’s, like these which were shared from the Amber Online website.

Image courtesy of Amber Online

Image courtesy of Amber Online

Other images that create great conversations between the followers of Made in Newcastle are any  photographs related to Newcastle United FC, St James Park and other places in the City Centre such as Eldon Square Shopping Centre. Photographs like ‘The Pencils’ bring back loads of childhood memories for their followers – every time the image below is tweeted, the response is crazy!
'The Pencils', which used to be in Eldon Square
‘The Pencils’, which used to be in Eldon Square

An old photo of St James' Park by Christopher Taylor on flickr
An old photo of St James’ Park by Christopher Taylor on flickr

The Made in Newcastle Twitter account has grown in followers very quickly since it started tweeting back in 2012. Now it has posted more than 12,000 images, which just goes to show that although we are living in a fast paced world where buildings, technology, shops and people are changing daily – we still need our past to keep us smiling and remind us of happy days and events of times gone by.
If you follow @turnipheadpic you never know, you might just see someone you know or even yourself……
Note: All the images we used on the Made in Newcastle Twitter account are credited to where they found them.
Thanks to Paul Jones, editor of Made in Newcastle @turnipheadpic for supplying the content of this post.

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