Man killed by train in North Tyneside

The British Transport Police (BTP) have announced that a man has died after being hit by a train near Benton yesterday evening. The incident, which took place around 6.30pm, resulted in multiple railway services being suspended.
Northumbria Police were joined by officers from the British Transport Police after the incident was reported.

The police presence near the scene of the incident
The police presence near the scene of the incident

The ambulance which arrived at the scene was accompanied by police cars, riot vans, rapid response vehicles and a helicopter, according to a local witness.

Here is the statement given by a spokesperson from the BTP,

Officers from BTP and Northumbria Police attended the incident which was reported at 6.30pm. The incident is currently being treated as non-suspicious. Paramedics attended but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Delays of over 90 minutes were reported by the train companies including Virgin Trains East Coast, Cross Country and Northern Rail.
The Network Rail website states that fatalities on the railway in 2013/14 included seven at level crossings. 18 involved people trespassing on the railway and 280 were suicide or suspected suicide.

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