Meet Deep Blue, the Biggest Shark Ever Filmed

It’s videos like the one below that makes us feel happy that we don’t live in a country full of (or surrounded by) dangerous animals. Sure, the weather might not always be great, but at least we don’t have 20ft mega sharks in our seas.
The video below was taken just off the coast of Mexico, in the sea surrounding Guadalupe Island, which apparently is full of huge sharks.
But never has a shark so big been captured on film as the one in the video below. Known as ‘Deep Blue’, this 20ft long shark would be considered as a nightmare for most, but for keen divers exploring the area, seeing him swimming up-close is a dream come true.
We are happy enough seeing him on video, but well done to those who captured the footage and also the fearless diver standing on top of the cage as ‘Deep Blue’ swam past.

Check it out…


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