Newcastle is home to over 60,000 University students and is a popular choice for many prospective students when considering where to study towards a degree.
Many things attract students to the area, such as the night-life, relatively low cost of living and compact nature of the city, meaning that getting around from day to day is very easy.

Students ‘milking’ in various places across Newcastle

Whilst the majority of students go through their university life mostly unnoticed by the people of Newcastle, the behaviour of some causes friction between the student population and long term residents.
The video shown below caused controversy when it was posted online a couple of years back. ‘Milking Newcastle‘, where students purchase bottles of milk and subsequently pour it over their heads in different parts of the city.

Harmless fun or idiotic students causing a nuisance? People were divided in their opinion.
Either way, the video attracted a lot of attention and has amassed a total of over 840,000 views since it was put on YouTube.
Student George Hoyland said,

It started off as a bit of a dare really, just us messing about in the kitchen
We found it so funny that we decided to make more videos.

Another ‘milker’, Tom Symington said,

We know it’s ridiculous, everyone is saying that and we completely accept that.
It’s a bit of enjoyment, it’s making people laugh and I think the positive reaction outweighs the negative.


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