Newcastle Airport in Motion – 80th Anniversary Edition

Less than a week ago we posted about a fantastic time-lapse video entitled ‘Newcastle International: Your Airport In Motion‘, which received great feedback. The footage, created by Jack Fisher, was the second time-lapse video he made about Newcastle, following on from the amazing ‘Newcastle in Motion‘ and together they have both racked up thousands of views.
The Newcastle Airport time-lapse video shows a unique insight into the day to day operations of the airport – which caters to over 4.6 million passengers each year.
Yesterday a new edition was published on the Newcastle Airport YouTube channel to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the North East’s biggest airport.
Newcastle International: Your Airport In Motion – 80th Anniversary Edition’ is just as amazing as the original but contains completely new footage.

The video is comprised of more than 15,000 photos and was shot over a period of several months. Time-lapse photography involves merging a series of photos together to make a film sequence and the result is incredible.
This version contains footage of the United Airlines plane that flies directly to New York as well as the likes of Emirates, EasyJet etc.
You can also see footage of the Red Arrows taking off from the airport as well as a fire being extinguished on site.

Don’t forget to check out the original Newcastle time-lapse video, ‘Newcastle International: Your Airport In Motion‘, and ‘Newcastle in Motion‘ – these are the types of videos that you can watch time and time again!

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