Newcastle: Refugees Welcome Here

On the 12th September 2015 around 600 people demonstrated in Newcastle Upon Tyne to show their support for refugees fleeing Syria.
The Syrian refugee crisis has divided opinion on Tyneside as well as the rest of the UK. On the 4th September, Newcastle City council announced that they would be offering homes to 50 refugee families – this news was well received by many local residents but there was also a significant amount of protest online against the idea.
One particular argument that appeared a lot was that there are plenty of people already in the North-East without housing, so they should be the council’s number one priority ahead of refugees fleeing Syria. In response, many people argued that the severity of the Syrian crisis was enough to make it a top priority and people trying to escape a war-torn country are fighting for their lives, whereas homeless people in the UK remain in a safe environment, comparatively speaking.
The video below shows support for the refugees and welcomes them to Newcastle. The good thing about social media is that it allows people to share their own opinions to a large audience – whether you agree with them or not, people should be allowed to have their say.

We would like to know what you think – so please leave a comment under the video…


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