Newcastle revealed as most vermin infested city in Britain

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) has revealed that Newcastle is the most vermin infested city in Britain.
According to research by the BPCA, Newcastle has the most pest related issues to deal with per capita – with a total of 6,246 last year.
This figure includes 2,245 issues with rats, 1,263 with wasps, 918 with ants and 113 with cockroaches.
Watch this video below which was recorded by Marc Donaghey last month after a Saturday night out in Newcastle with his girlfriend…
The video was taken near to the Gate at around 1am, after the couple had been in Aspers Casino.

We walked around the corner and we saw hundreds of rats

said Marc, from Byker, who was so horrified he started capturing the scene on his mobile phone.

The data from the BCPA shows that call-outs for pest related issues rose by 16%, resulting in Newcastle moving above London in the list of most pest-related problems per person in a British city.
Newcastle is not the only area in the North East which features on the list. Middlesbrough, Sunderland and South Tyneside all make the top 10.
Pest controllers fear that the problem in the North East could get worse and Newcastle City Council have asked local business owners as well as residents to be more careful with managing their waste and to avoid over-filling rubbish bins.

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