Newcastle and West Ham Fans Clash in Düsseldorf

Reports circulated the internet last night of rioting between some Newcastle and West Ham fans in the German city of Düsseldorf ahead of the Schalke 04 Cup.

Although a ‘friendly’ tournament, some pictures suggest the atmosphere was anything but friendly down by the Aldstadt (Old Town)…


News of the fracas quickly circulated on Twitter, much to the amusement of some neutrals…

By the look of it the police appeared quickly on the scene to calm things down…
It appears as though it was just a very small number of fans acting out of order, as what is often the case when these things happen.

One Twitter user had a comical suggestion as to why the whole fight started…

Newcastle and West Ham both play today, but against foreign opposition so a repeat of this is unlikely to occur. Hopefully NUFC will be in the papers for all the right reasons come tomorrow morning!
Watch Newcastle v Malaga today at 2.30pm on Quest TV.
They are also in action tomorrow against FC Schalke 04 with that game also being broadcasted on Quest TV at a later time of 4.45pm.

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