Newcastle woman fined £110 for neglect that led to death of her two dogs

What is the value of a dog’s life? £55 apparently, judging by the fine that was given to a woman from Walker who neglected her two pets so badly that they ended up dying.
Kay Richardson pleaded guilty to mistreating her two Staffordshire bull terriers, Buster and Ellie, who were both put down by vets following her neglect.
Buster was put down immediately after being discovered by the RSPCA, such was the severity of his condition. Meanwhile, Ellie was put down after a local charity was unable to re-home her, due to her aggressive nature that resulted from the mistreatment she endured.
The prosecutor on behalf of the RSPCA stated,

When Helen (the inspector) visited the house on November 29, Buster was found to be in a very thin condition with hips, spine and ribs clearly visible. His stomach was tucked in and his head was sunken.
He appeared weak when walking and his hind legs were collapsing. His coat was dull and flakey.
They were both so underweight it would have been obvious to a lay person that the dogs were in urgent need of veterinary attention.

31 year-old Kay Richardson claimed that she had fed the dogs once per day in the evening but that Buster was a fussy eater.
As well as the £110 fine, Ms Richardson has been disqualified from owning animals for five years.
For more information about this story, check out this article:

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