Old Tudor Crisps Advert

Remember Tudor Crisps? The Tudor company was established in Newcastle in 1947 and their crisps were very popular throughout the UK but particularly here in the North-East. Unfortunately they stopped being on sale in 2003 when Walkers (the company that bought the Tudor brand) decided to focus on their core range of crisps.
Their memorable TV advert from the 1970s can be seen below, where a paper-boy is bribed with ‘a canny bag of crisps’ in return for making a delivery to a huge tower block (the Derwent Tower in Dunston aka the Dunston Rocket, which was demolished in 2012).

Another advert for Tudors was show on TV in the 1980s, featuring the same paper boy – this time as an adult, and it looks like he’s a successful business man judging by his car! Click here to watch the second video but make sure you watch the one below first!

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