For those of you who don’t know the purpose of a hash-tag, or indeed even what a hash-tag is to start with, it is this symbol #.
The use of # followed by a word on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram makes it easier for users to find messages with a specific theme.
It’s a very handy tool when you are looking for specific content, although some users seem to be a bit over zealous in their use of it – hash-tagging multiple, pointless words at the end of every Tweet/Instagram post.
You will often see certain hash-tags gain popularity after specific news events – it’s an easy way to join a conversation about something of interest and also view what others are saying, hopefully ignoring irrelevant information in the process.
One hash-tag that has become fairly popular over the last couple of years is #onlyinnewcastle – there’s no prizes for guessing what it is used for.
Visitors to the city as well as residents here on Tyneside use it at the end of Facebook statuses, Tweets and Instagram posts when they have witnessed something that they believe is truly unique to Newcastle.

A lot of the posts containing this hash-tag are fairly mundane but there have been quite a few amusing uses of it in recent times.
Below are some examples of funny, shocking and simply interesting uses of this hash-tag. We urge you to continue the trend and use #onlyinnewcastle if you see something worthy!

Who says romance is dead?


Perhaps this wouldn’t be so unusual if it didn’t occur in August…


Newcastle’s famous trebles…


Friendly locals…


Crazy stag and hen parties…


Ok then…


Where’s Robin?




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