Pappis Cisse gets married without telling his girlfriend

Newcastle star Pappis Cisse has made front-page news today after it was revealed he got married in Paris, without telling his girlfriend.

Today's front page of the Sun newspaper
Today’s front page of the Sun newspaper

It’s not the first time a Newcastle player has featured in the news for a questionable marriage. In September, Chieck Tiote defended his actions after it was revealed that he has two wives and a mistress.
News of Cisse’s marriage came as a complete surprise to model Rachelle Graham, whom the Senegalese striker was dating off-and-on for two years.
Beauty Queen, former 'Miss Newcastle' and now ex of Pappis Cisse, Rachelle Graham
Beauty Queen, former ‘Miss Newcastle’ and now ex of Pappis Cisse, Rachelle Graham

It is understood that Rachelle found out about Cisse’s wedding after seeing photos of him following the ceremony in Paris.
She waved him off at the airport last week, believing that he was going back to his homeland for a one month break following the end of the Premier League season. However, she become concerned when he stopped returning her texts and she went online to discover a photo of him at his wedding.
A photo from Cisse's wedding to sportswoman Diallo Awa
A photo from Cisse’s wedding to sportswoman Diallo Awa

Cisse’s new bride, Diallo Awa, is a Senegalese volleyball player and it appears the marriage took place only three days after he left his girlfriend in the UK to go on holiday.

Miss Graham told The Sun:

I’m hurt and disgusted to learn Papiss has got married without me knowing after we spent so much time together recently.But it’s his life and if this is what he has chosen to do there is nothing much I can do about it. I just wish he had the decency to tell me first.

Check the bottom of this article for a recent update to the story

Diallo Awa playing volleyball for Senegal
Diallo Awa playing volleyball for Senegal


Perhaps Cisse is not the ‘love rat’ that he has been made out to be from the press. A new report suggests he wasn’t still in a relationship with Rachelle Graham when the wedding took place in Paris.
Check out our follow up piece here.


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