Passenger has ear bitten off during flight from Newcastle to Ibiza

A fight broke out on a Jet2 flight leaving Newcastle on Sunday evening

Passengers onboard a Jet2 flight from Newcastle to Ibiza were left shocked and disgusted after fight broke out, resulting in one man having his ear bitten off.
According to the Mirror, the incident happened mid-flight before the plane landed in Ibiza at around 7.20pm on Sunday evening.
Jet2 inside
Reports suggest that passengers on board, including several young children, were screaming after seeing the man run down the cabin with his ear hanging off.

One witness told the Mirror,

It was absolutely sickening and I find it unbelievable that anyone would do that at all to another human being.
But to bite someone’s ear off on a plane packed with other people at such close quarters and with families sitting around him is absolutely appalling, people were getting off the plane complaining of feeling physically sick.

Another witness stated that the victim of the attack, who is believed to be between 18 and 25 years of age, was sitting at the back of the plane away from the rest of his group,

He kept coming to chat to his mates and then returning to his seat as the flight went on.
When the plane was taxiing to Ibiza Airport the guy came running down the plane towards his friends.
He took his T-shirt off and we could see he was covered in blood and that half his ear was just hanging off.
The steward took him to the front of the plane. We never saw the person that did it but they guy was shouting:
We were all kept on the plane for 20 minutes and when we got off the police were waiting. It was a relief to get off and an absolutely horrible thing to happen in a confined space in front of families.

“It was a horrible start to the holiday.”

The managing director of Jet2 has said that the company is working closely with Northumbria Police to investigate the incident.

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