Plans for new bar in Newcastle causes controversy

A US bar and restaurant chain famous for its scantily dressed waitresses more so than its food a drink could be opening a new venue in Newcastle city centre. Hooters, which has outlets in 24 other countries outside the USA has applied for a late refreshment licence from Newcastle city council for their proposed opening in Unit B at the City Quadrant development on Westmorland Road. The chain is renowned worldwide for employing voluptuous young women, known as ‘Hooter Girls’ to serve patrons whilst wearing revealing outfits.

Hooters Girls with Wings
Hooter girls

The use of ‘sex appeal’ to attract customers has worked well for the company which started operating in 1983 and now has over 460 outlets in the USA alone.
Hooter girls
Hooter girls

Their Nottingham restaurant which openeed in 1996 is currently the only one operating in the United Kingdom and is said to be in the brand’s top 15 most profitable. A flagship London outlet is due to open soon but the company has struggled with its overseas operations in the past, especially in the United Kingdom. 36 restaurants were announced in 2008 but Bristol and Cardiff were the only outlets that were actually launched they have have both since closed.
Hooters Logo
The Hooters name is a double entendre referring to both its owl logo, a bird known for its “hooting” calls, as well as an American slang term for human breasts.

This recent development indicates that the company is keen to give their UK expansion another shot and Newcastle is next on their list.

‘Waitresses can be sacked for getting fat’

A Daily Mail article in 2010 written by Liz Jones gave readers a more in-depth look into the Nottingham Hooters. Liz referred to her experience in the restaurant as ‘probably the worst Friday night of her life’, criticising the food but mainly objecting to the use of beautiful women as ‘sex objects’ to sell food and drink.
The reporter also refers to an instance in the USA where two employees were allegedly sacked by Hooters for gaining weight, although there has been no record of such thing ever happening in a UK branch.

Hooters Newcastle

News of the proposed opening in Newcastle has divided opinion on Twitter. It is no surprise that there seem to be more men in favour of the move…
The majority of women tweeting about the news were not so keen…
It remains to be seen whether the move will go ahead or not.
What do you think?

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