Police investigate New Year's Eve attack in Newcastle

Northumbria Police are investigating an attack which occurred in Newcastle in the early hours of 2015.
Pictures have been circulating on social media showing a man punching a women in Newcastle’s Bigg Market.
Another photo shows the woman walking away with a bloodied nose.
Onlookers said that the incident occurred when the woman pushed the man to the ground whilst leaving a bar in the Bigg Market shortly after midnight.

This girl pushed the bloke and he immediately hit the deck. Seconds later, he sprang to his feet and punched her as hard as he could in the face.

The incident has divided opinion on Facebook with many people suggesting that he was well within his right to do what he did after he was pushed although many people feel that it was out of order and his reaction was completely over the top.

Look at the Facebook post below to view the comments…


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