Are These the Most Popular Hobbies in Newcastle?

The arrival of new technology such as mobile phones and the internet has opened up far more possibilities for enjoying varied hobbies than ever before. While some of the classic hobbies from yesteryear remain as popular as ever, there are also new options that are well worth considering when you want to pass some time.
What are the most popular hobbies in Newcastle just now? Do people stick to the most traditional pastimes or do they prefer to enjoy trying out modern entertainment ideas? The following are some of the things that people here most enjoy doing.

Watching Football Matches

View over St James’s Park for Newcastle(CC BY 2.0) by Ben Sutherland

No-one can deny that Newcastle is a place where people live and breathe football. St James’ Park is regularly filled to close to its 52,354 capacity for home games. In fact, 2017/8 saw the highest average attendance since 2005/6, at 51,992. The record home attendance for the Magpies was set by the massive crowd of 68,386 that crammed into the ground for a 1930 game against Chelsea. This is the 12th biggest crowd on record in English football.
In 2016, Newcastle United’s four televised home games in the Championship between August and November were watched by 567,250 viewers, more than double the average in that league. In 2017, they featured twice in the top ten most watched EPL games, with the home game against Manchester United sitting in the top spot.

Playing Online Games

Online gaming has become a popular hobby all over the world in the last few years, with Newcastle not being an exception. The city has a thriving gaming community and was the scene of the Glitch Gaming Festival in 2018. This was the biggest gaming event to date in the North of England and showed how the city has many gamers keen to get involved.
Other popular ways of playing online include bingo and casino sites, taking over from the traditional halls and social clubs of the past by offering more variety and convenience. For example, the Paddy Power site has a range of online blackjack options. These include live dealer games as well as perfect blackjack and a game based on jockey Frankie Dettori.

Reading About Trains

Source: Geograph

Booksellers Waterstones carried out a survey a few years ago to find out which hobbies were most popular in different parts of the UK. The sample size was pretty small but the results still made for interesting reading. Overall, 79% of those surveyed took part in a weekly hobby.
It turned out that in Newcastle, the most popular choice among purchasers was books about railways. Is it a city of trainspotters? Certainly, Newcastle’s position on the national railway network means that it has long been considered a prime spot for seeing trains making their way to London or to Edinburgh, among other destinations.
Newcastle is a fine city for enjoying many different types of hobbies. With many clubs, groups and meet-ups, it is no surprise to see that there is a high level of diversity in the activities that residents take part in.

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