Shearer's brilliant response to a Tweet about Roy Keane

We should really make a section of this website all about Shearer’s funny tweets – it seems like we are writing about them often enough!
Today Big Al received this Tweet…
The all-time Premier League top scorer does have some history with Roy Keane – the pair clashed on the pitch on numerous occasions during their playing careers, the most famous of which can been seen in the video below…
Shearer doesn’t look particularly scared if you ask us. But how did Alan respond to the Tweet?
Another quality reply!

According to Roy Keane’s autobiography, the pair genuinely don’t get a long with each other – despite having often worked together as pundits on TV.
To read some more about Alan Shearer’s amusing Tweets, check out the time a Sunderland fan tried to wind him up but failed miserably.
Shearer has been excellent since he arrived on Twitter, often giving witty responses to any abuse thrown at him. Last week he responded brilliantly to another Sunderland fan, who quickly removed his Tweet. Although it turns out that this was actually a friend of Shearer’s and was just a bit of banter between the two of them.
Check out some other funny responses from Big Al on Twitter.

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