Shearer's Twitter warning

Perhaps one of the best things about Twitter is the fact that it allows you to connect with verified profiles of celebrities. More and more famous people are signing up to it in order to engage with fans and many celebrities have millions upon millions of followers. Of course, having a public profile on Twitter can cause problems for high-profile individuals. For example, if they say something controversial it is far more likely to have repercussions than if the same thing was said by a member of the public with 60 odd followers.
But the main problem is the torrent of abuse that many celebrities receive via this particular social network. This is bound to happen when Twitter makes it so easy to connect with people, but it seems that even the most loved celebrities get abuse from time to time.
Newcastle legend Alan Shearer is a latecomer to the Twitter phenomenon, opening his verified account just over 24 hours ago but he was quick to give a warning to anyone who is thinking about sending him abuse…

This was only his second ever Tweet and it seemed to go down well. Although we are sure there will be some people who will still be keen to send some critical stuff his way, mainly jealous Sunderland fans!

His joke message makes reference to the Barclays advert that aired recently where Shearer is seen giving tickets to fans of the game who have never been to a match before…
A couple of people have made their own hilarious versions of the advert…

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